Aged Cigars

What if we told you that our customers regularly smoke 5 year old Punch Double Maduros?  Or how about some original blend La Aroma De Cuba that haven’t been on the market in years?  Maybe some 4 year old Fuente Don Carlos?  Think this is only a dream?  Wake up my friend and peer into the aging cabinet at Tobacco Junction.
Until now, the pleasure of smoking such a cigar was only available to those people with the funds and discipline to put away their treasured stogies and let them age for years.  Not many tobacconists have the resources and patience to perform this exercise for you.  But Tobacco Junction does.  This concept we speak of, pulling cigars away from retail and setting them back to age, is so unique in cigar retailing that you will be hard pressed to find another store in hundreds of miles of Tobacco Junction that could pull this feat off.   Before we dare to dream, let us look back for a moment and see just what it takes to offer you this reward for your long years of waiting ever so faithfully.  
There are several steps to the aging process for our cigars.  To the uninitiated the concept might appear simple but don’t fall for that trap friend, to do the job right it takes a trained palate and a keen eye for what it requires to elevate a cigar from good to great.  The cigars selected for down time in our aging vault have been thoroughly vetted in a painstaking process to ensure only the best results.  Not every cigar has what it takes to make it through this journey to arrive at the end of its path ready to be quickly snipped or punched and devoured in a blaze of greedy flames.  Many hours of tasting and testing of cigars will go into the process of selection for the aged cigar vault.  Only those blends with the right taste and attributes that benefit from long term aging will be laid to slumber peacefully in the climate controlled confines of our aged cigar repository.  These cigars we deem worthy are usually those cigars closer to medium bodied or fuller who we feel have the legs to come out of the aging process full of well married flavors and still have an ample amount of strength to satisfy the most discerning cigar enthusiast.  Sometimes cigars benefit greatly from as little as two years of aging and often its is four years or more until our sleeping beauties reach the pinnacle of perfection and are ready to be enjoyed by you, the discerning cigar connoisseur . 

We invite you to visit our stores and experience this luxury first hand.  Aging cabinets are located at Tobacco Junction on Loop 281 in Longview and Tobacco Junction of Tyler on Troup Hwy.  Selection is regularly changing as some of the more popular cigars sell out very quickly once they are released.