Cigars 101

Cigar Courses
Do you want to learn about cigars? Did you always wish you could take a course on it? We have a Cigar School just for you. Each of our courses is packed with enough knowledge that you will become "The Cigar Expert". We have also included two quick crash courses on pipes to help you with the basic types of pipes and knowledge of pipe tobacco.

Top Ten Cigar Tips

Are you tired of your cigars burning on only one side? Are you confused about Relative Humidity (RH)? We have created an extremely helpful, yet simple, list of tips to help answer these questions.
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Cigar Storage
Cigars are hygroscopic in nature. In lay terms, this means that they will, over time, dry out in a dry climate or absorb moisture in a humid one. And they will continue to do so until their own moisture content matches that of the ambient climate around them.
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Cigar Cutting 101
Are you new to Cigars and have questions about how and where to cut your cigar? Better yet, with selection of cigar cutting tools on the market today, which tool is the best for you?
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Cigar Aging
We believe cigar aging has a critical impact on a cigar's body and flavor. Initial aging after their rolling is essential to allow the cigar to dry and stabilize. Not only will this process improve the flavor, it will improve the burn and draw of your cigar.
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Maduro 101
It is safe to say by now you know that "maduro" means a cigar's wrapper is dark color. Is that the only meaning of maduro? Do you want to know what it takes to harvest a maduro wrapper, or how many varieties of maduro wrappers there are? How about letting this course fill you in on a few secrets from a cigar expert. Let's take it further and understand what really defines a maduro.
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